If you are still on the fence about one of our trips, maybe the testimonials of our happy customers will convince you of the great experience you will have on one of our adventures. We have a lot of clients return for more vacations after they have already experienced a stress-free and exciting vacation of a lifetime.

I feel that this trip was the best value for the dollar of any trip I have ever taken…I can’t say enough good about it. I also could have easily stayed 3 more days before I got antsy to come home which I usually do about day 7-8. Everything about it FAR exceeded my expectation and the accommodations were each so unique. My fear is that any other trip I take now will pale by comparison…..it was that wonderful.
Della, Wisconsin Master Gardener

We had a wonderful experience for our 50th birthday trip to Costa Rica. Mary Kroening’s botanical background was a major draw for us. We are not Master Gardeners or anything, but the beauty of Costa Rica is its flora and fauna. We credit our wonderful experience largely to Mary Kroening’s personal network in Costa Rica. In our conversations with the drivers and with the local people, they’ve known Mary for years, and I think that is what we were tapping into, Mary’s strong relationships that she’s built over the years in Costa Rica with some really good people.
Lori Neidel, Columbia Missouri Attorney

We have taken three organized group tours with Hidden Treasures Botanical Tours to Costa Rica and one to New Zealand and have been impressed with the high level of service Mary Kroening delivers. Before their first trip, both of us were skeptical about group tours. We thought having an itinerary laid out with a bunch of strangers would impinge on our sense of adventure and freedom. But actually, we discovered that it was a much more relaxing and comfortable way to visit another country, and we are completely sold. And we think that might be in large part to how Mary sets up her tours. The tour size is small, she has been to the places herself and has wonderful connections and so knows the best places to stay and visit and sightsee.
Ted and Julie Fisher, retired, Columbia Missouri

A group of Master Gardeners from Dakota County, MN went on a tour to Costa Rica Jan. 2007 arranged by Hidden Treasures. It was the most fantastic tour any of us had ever been on. The guide from Costa Rica, who led our tour, was an exceptionally knowledgeable person who knew the country and the name of every bird, butterfly, and plant we saw. Her enthusiasm was delightful and we came home feeling we had learned so much. Our group considered it an experience rather than just a tour, and we appreciated the care Hidden Treasures took to arrange a guide of her quality.
Char Braland, Minnesota Master Gardener

On the Costa Rican trip Mary was very knowledgeable of the flora and fauna of the region, and I could tell that she and her travel guides take very seriously the preparations and educational opportunities for their customers. Additionally, I found Hidden Treasures travel fees are reasonably priced considering the ample educational and cultural opportunities made available. In fact, I am so pleased with Hidden Treasures that I have signed up to go to New Zealand with them this winter, and I am considering going to Costa Rica again sometime this Fall!
Linda Schmidt, Manhatten, Kansas Master Gardener