Hidden Treasures Tours is thrilled to announce our new affiliate program!

Contact Hidden Treasures to set up a tour for your non profit organization, school, team, or even your business. We will create a tour for your group and you help us promote the tour to your friends, family, clients, and donors.

Hidden Treasures Tours will donate a portion of each attendee’s fees to the non-profit of your choice AND provide you with one complimentary spot on the tour! There is no cost to our affiliates to set up and offer a tour.¬†Not interested in traveling with the group? You can use the complimentary spot as an incentive for staff and volunteers or as a thank you to donors. You can also accept the base value of the spot to be donated to your organization¬†if you are not interested in the complimentary registration.

Please note that the donation and complimentary spot is dependent upon the tour being viable (each tour has a minimum number of attendees required for the tour to take place). We will market the tour as “being hosted by” your company or organization. This is a great way to promote your organization or promote your business’s efforts to assist a particular non profit.

Contact us today to learn more!

(573) 303-2872